8 years in the making.

8 years in the making.
It began with a question…
In 2013 I had a question for my partner in rhyme Tombstone da Deadman. I asked him about one of his creative hero's, Stan Lee, specifically about the nature of his presence in the universe in which he created. I remember being fascinated about the possibility of "existing" in a reality of my own creation. A story I wrote. However, I wasn't the comic book junkie. To be honest, the last comic book I had read might have been when I was a teenager, so I decided to go on a journey. A historical quest beginning at, well, the beginning. Of EVERYTHING in the Marvel Universe. Even things that preceded it. 

It was from this soil Extropy & Entropy was born. The stories we wish to tell are of a philosophical higher ontological nature. Questions regarding reality regular are discussed in a way that doesn't insult the reader nor the author writing. If you decide to take this journey with myself, Tombstone & Structure, I want you to understand that we take great pride in not insulting the intelligence of our readers. Too often are fans of a series subjected to trite meaningless tales of disconnected fluff, moving from one story arc to the next. We seek to buck this trend. Follow Grey of Extropia & Lord Entropy in an epic tale of Omniversal consequence.

We'll see you on page zero.

Greydon Square
Extropy & Entropy - The Fulcrum Point 
Coming 2022​